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Credit Score

Top Companies: This Week's Reviews

Credit Diagnosis
P.O. Box 5152
Des Plaines, IL 60017-5152
Services Offered: Credit score monitoring, credit check, credit rating
Company Overview: Credit Diagnosis was established to help consumers with credit problems and those who want to monitor their credit score and credit report. The company was started in 2006. They have credit score monitoring, free credit check services, and various identity theft and fraud prevention services. Credit Diagnosis serves millions of consumers every year.
Our Review: Credit Diagnosis is a great place to obtain and monitor your credit score. Theyíve got so many great options for consumers that want to monitor their credit and get a free credit check. Their website doesnít give much information about the company, but their service is great and so are the products that they offer.
User Review: Credit Diagnosis was able to help me keep an eye on my credit score, and they even gave me a free credit check. My credit rating was terrible, so knowing that I could get a credit card check on their service helped me to see what needed fixed so that I could fix it. Iím glad I found their site. Iíd love to be a customer for life!

No Address Provided
Services Offered: Credit score monitoring, credit check, credit rating
Company Overview: The company was established in 2007, and though they are young, they have helped many consumers to get the credit scores and credit check that they needed. They offer many tools for credit monitoring, and have served millions of customers in their short lifespan. GetYourCreditReportNow.com operates online only, and communicates through e-mail and phone calls.
Our Review: GetYourCreditReportNow.com offers a free credit score, credit check, and other credit monitoring services for those who need them most. They have great resources for credit information and learning, and customer service that is top rate. The company doesnít tell much about themselves, but we like to think that itís because theyíre focused on the customer.
User Review: GetYourCreditReportNow.com gave me a credit score, credit rating analysis, and a free credit check. They had so much information, too, that helped me to get my credit back on track so that I could get the home that I wanted without having to ask a family member to co-sign on my mortgage.

Free Credit Reports 360
No Address Provided
Services Offered: Credit score monitoring, credit check, credit rating
Company Overview: Free Credit Reports 360 is a BBB accredited business that began in 2008. Even though they are not that old, they serve thousands of customers each month, and have received great reviews from critics. They have free credit score analysis and other credit check and monitoring tools.
Our Review: Free Credit Reports 360 is a great service. Once again, we donít get a lot of information about the company itself, but the products, services, and customer support are fully explained and used to their full potential. It doesnít matter if you have bad credit or good, if you want to check your credit score, this is the place to do it.
User Review: Free Credit Reports 360 is one of the best sites Iíve found. All of these sites that give out free credit reports usually make me pay for my credit score, but not this place. Their membership fees are low once the trial month is up, and they give me all the tools I need to make sure that my credit is safe at all times.

Go Free Credit
2381 Rosecrans Suite 110
Los Angeles, CA 90245
Services Offered: Credit score monitoring, credit check, credit rating
Company Overview: Go Free Credit began in 2006 in Los Angeles, California. They have served more than 1 million customers since they were established. They offer credit score monitoring and other credit tools to consumers of all types.
Our Review: Go Free Credit has a great service, and is yet again lacking information about the actual company. However, it doesnít affect the service that customers get or the products that are received. Everything is still top rate, including the 24/7 support.
User Review: Go Free Credit let me monitor my credit score and helped me learn about how to raise it so that I had better credit when I wanted to buy a new car. I spent about 6 months improving my credit score, and with their free credit check, I was able to see that Iíd get a much better rate on a car loan before I even applied.
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Address : Online Company Only

Phone : 800-319-4433



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Suite 200
North Palm Beach, FL 33408

Phone : 561-630-2400



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Phone : Online Only


Credit Smart Reports

Address : 8420 W. Bryn Mawr
Suite 700
Chicago, IL 60631

Phone : 877-379-5036


Credit Score Myths and Facts:


There are many misconceptions about your credit score, which is one of the most misunderstood parts of consumer credit. Here are some myths and the facts behind them so that you can better understand your credit score.

Myth: Credit scores only range from 250-850.
Fact: Credit scores are always scored in this range, but if your credit is bad enough, it can bottom out below the 250 mark. Also, if your credit is beyond excellent, it may occasionally exceed 850, just to let lenders know how creditworthy you really are.

Myth: Inquiries donít affect a credit score.
Fact: Every time someone does a credit check on you, it affects your score. There are 3 instances where an inquiry wonít affect your credit, though. When you check your own credit, it doesnít matter. Also, if an insurance company inquires, or a credit card company sends you a pre-approval letter, those inquires donít affect your credit score. However, the fewer inquiries you have, the better. That way you wonít appear desperate for credit.

Myth: My credit score is bad, so itís going to take a while to get it back up.
Fact: This one is partly true. If you have a low score and large debts to pay off, you might spend years trying to right the wrong. However, if you can pay off all of your debts that are outstanding in less than 3 months, your credit score can improve drastically within 6 months or less. If you have good credit, it is far easier to make it bad than it is to make bad credit good.

Itís important to be informed about credit scores and credit checks because you need to be an informed consumer. Youíll be better able to use your credit and make it work for you when you know what youíre dealing with. Youíll also be better able to fix your credit, if necessary, by being informed and prepared.


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